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Since its establishment in August 1981, Nine Lights Corp. became the first in Korea to develop plastic pallets in 1982. Since opening the curtain of the era of plastic pallets in Korea, Nine Lights Corp. has undergone facility expansion to meet the rising demand and endeavored to open up export markets. As a result, Nine Lights Corp. exports to more than twenty countries around the world and became the premiere plastic pallet maker in Korea.

Based on its established reputation in the field, Nine Lights Corp. has branched out into other related fields, such as plastic crates, plastic drums and blown plastic receptacles and is becoming a firm to be watched with keen interest.

With the recent expansion of the distribution industry and increased demand for automated warehouse pallets, Nine Lights Corp. has captured a large portion of the distribution accessory industry market.
Nine Lights Corp. credits our success with client patronage and guidance. For this reason, everyone at Nine Lights Corp. dedicates himself or herself to continued technological development and customer satisfaction in all humility.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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