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Manufacturing Products

Plastic pallets. Plastic boxes and crates, plastic chemical containers, plastic drums, plastic sheets and miscellaneous plastic products

Production Facility

Injection molding equipment : 4.500 my 1-line, 3.500 mt 1-line, 3.000 mt 1-line, 2.200 mt 2-lines

Heat adhesion unit : 5 lines

Small-size injection molding equipment : 250 mt 6 lines, 150 mt 2 lines

Mold for plastic pallets, plastic crates and vacuum molding

Annual Production Capacity

Plastic pallets : 450,000 units/year

Plastic boxes and crates : 2,000,000 units/year

Plastic chemical containers : 1,000,000/year

Current Export Status

Export items : Plastic pallets, plastic containers, various molds and production equipment

Export destination countries : Taiwan, China, HongKong, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Srilanks, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Arabemirates, Saudi Arabia, Brasil, Chile, Peru, United of Kingdom, Vietnam

Annual export amount: US$2,500,000/year

Certification Status

Korean Industrial Standard (KS)

ISO 9002

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[ Contact Information ] TEL : 82-31-354-0324 / FAX : 82-31-354-0355