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Because our products are high production volume standardized injection mold products, and not produced by sectional adhesion method, they have excellent impact and shock resistance.

Can be used in a 4-way mode.

Adhesion of upper and lower parts of the pallet with special heat adhesion method.

Anti-skid rubber backing on pallets and for container contents.

NLP9565 950x650x150(mm)
NLP9494 940x940x140(mm)
NLP9898 980x980x140(mm)
NLP1010 1000x1000x150(mm)
NLP1108-1 1130x800x140(mm)
NLP1174 1100x740x140(mm)
NLP1108 1100x800x140(mm)
NLP1109 1100x900x140(mm)
NLP1111 1100x1100x140/150(mm)
NLP1140 1140x1140x140(mm)
NLP1209 1200x900x140(mm)
NLP1210 1200x1000x140/150(mm)
NLP1211 1200x1100x140/150(mm)
NLP1297 1220x970x140(mm)
NLP115700 1150x700x150(mm)
NLP129970 1290x970x140(mm)
NLP1212 1200x1200x140/150(mm)
NLP1311 1300x1100x140/150(mm)
NLP1350 1350x1100x140/150(mm)
NLP1283 1200x830x140(mm)
NLP1512 1550x1250x150(mm)
NLP1583 1530x830x140(mm)
NLP1405 1450x1050x150(mm)
NLP1412 1450x1200x150(mm)
NLP152135 1520x1350x150(mm)
NLP1514 1500x1400x150(mm)
NLP1614J 1650x1400x155(mm)
NLP1812 1800x1200x150(mm)
NLP1145 1145x1145x150(mm)
NLP1512J 1500x1200x150(mm)
NLP1811 1800x1130x150(mm)
NLP1511 1530x1130x150(mm)
NLP1296 1280x960x140(mm)
NLP1320 1320x1320x150(mm)
NLP142109 1420x1090x140(mm)
NLP1420 1420x1120x140(mm)
NLP1612 1600x1200x150(mm)


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