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Bending and twisting resistance to high counter weight
(Less than 900 bend under 40 C, residual bend of less than 0.2%)

High impact and heavy load resistance

4-way use

Anti-skid rubber backing

NLP1010J 1000x1000x150(mm)
NLP1109J 1100x900x140(mm)
NLP1111J 1100x1100x140(mm)
NLP1111J2 1100x1100x140(mm)
NLP1210J 1200x1000x140(mm)
NLP1212J 1200x1200x150(mm)
NLP1220J 1220x1220x150(mm)
NLP1311J 1300x1100x150(mm)
NLP1350J 1350x1100x150(mm)
NLP1411J 1400x1100x140(mm)
NLP1612J 1600x1200x150(mm)
NLP1812J 1800x1200x150(mm)
NLP115105J 1150x1050x140(mm)
NLP1809J 1800x900x150(mm)
NLP1510J 1500x1000x160(mm)
NLP1312J 1300x1200x160(mm)
NLP1482J 1460x820x150(mm)
NLP1145J 1145x1145x140(mm)
Creep Test For Automatic Warehouse
Test Conditions
  1. Size : 1300mmx1100mmx150mm
2. Temperature : 40C
3. Load : 1200kg
4. Support width : 100mm
5. Support fulcrum : 900mm

(A) : steel insertion
(B) : ordinary automated storage

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