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Standardized injection molded products, not produced by sectional adhesion method, and has high impact and heavy load resistance.

Can be used in a 4-way mode.

Adhesion of upper and lower parts of the pallet with special heat adhesion method.

Anti-skid rubber backing on pallets and for container contents.

NLP1082H 1060x820x150(mm)
NLP1108H 1100x800x140(mm)
NLP1174H 1100x740x140(mm)
NLP1010H 1000x1000x150(mm)
NLP1010H-1 1000x1000x150(mm)
NLP1111H 1100x1100x150(mm)
NLP1111H-1 1100x1100x150(mm)
NLP1111H-2 1100x1100x150(mm)
NLP1210H 1200x1000x150(mm)
NLP1210H-1 1200x1000x150(mm)
NLP1386H 1300x860x140(mm)
NLP1040HJ 1040x1040x150(mm)
NLP1050H 1050x1050x150(mm)
NLP1182H 1150x820x150(mm)


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